Flag Football Leagues

Our Flag Football leagues surpass all the others in the valley but our Tempe Flag Football league is the premier one. Our Sunday flag football league which is a fast pace version of 4 v 4. The league is non-contact and designed to be played at a fast pace.  We also offer the occasional one day tournament.

Flag Football Free Agents:

Free Agent ImageLooking to play Flat Football?  Wander over to our Free Agent page and complete a quick form to get in our database!  That way you can join us on the field for some fast pace non contact flag football fun! Free Agent Info


Flag Football t-shirts and jerseys:

We require all the teams to have matching shirts and numbers for the players.  This is required to help facilitate our roster checks and the stat tracking.  If you do not have matching shirts yet then swing on by the online store and buy some at discounted prices.

Making a break for it:


Flag-Football-2Picture from one of our games.  There were actually more players on the hot pink team then shown. :)

Medical Coverage:

Flag Football is a physical sport and although we limit the physical play injuries still occur. The league does not provide coverage for the players but can help you find some if you requested.  There are short term plans available at affordable rates. You need to have your own coverage. The league is not responsible for injuries

Flag Football Tournament and League format:

We have our Flag Football league and tournaments designed to be fast pace and limited to no contact.  We want to emphasize throwing and catching the pig skin and not the physical play.

Flag Football Rosters:

We do require teams to have a roster.  The rosters can be changed for the first few weeks of the season, but at some point we lock them down. The intention of the rosters is to help the referees to track stats and ensure teams do not bring in “ringers” to win critical matches.

Flag Football Payments:

If you’re a free agent or team that needs help collecting money let us know.  We understand that joining a flag football team and not knowing the captain makes it hard to faithfully send them money, so we can setup a payment feature to pay your flag football fee online.  It’s also beneficial at times for flag football teams to setup an online payment system so they do not have to track their players down.

Flag Football Player Responsibilities:

We have posted a players responsibilities and obligations stating expectations from the participants regardless what league or event they do.  It’s the responsibilities for every player to read and heed the policy.  Click here


Flag Football Standings

team wins loses ties Pct
Fly Bys 1 0 0 100%
Speedsters 1 0 0 100%
Long Ball 1 0 0 100%
Rounders 1 0 0 100%
Peak 0 1 0 0%
Da Cards 0 1 0 0%
Home Grown 0 1 0 0%
Just Chillin 0 1 0 0%

Flag Football Schedule

Date Time Teams
31-Jan 9:00am Fly Bys at Just Chillin
31-Jan 9:00am Speedsters at Home Grown
31-Jan 11:00am Long Ball at Da Cards
31-Jan 11:00am Rounders at Peak
7-Feb 9:00am Home Grown at Fly Bys
7-Feb 9:00am Just Chillin at Da Cards
7-Feb 11:00am Speedsters at Peak
7-Feb 11:00am Long Ball at Rounders
14-Feb 9:00am Fly Bys at Da Cards
14-Feb 9:00am Home Grown at Peak
14-Feb 11:00am Just Chillin at Rounders
14-Feb 11:00am Speedsters at Long Ball
21-Feb 9:00am Peak at Fly Bys
21-Feb 9:00am Da Cards at Rounders
21-Feb 11:00am Home Grown at Long Ball
21-Feb 11:00am Just Chillin at Speedsters
28-Feb 9:00am Fly Bys at Rounders
28-Feb 9:00am Peak at Long Ball
28-Feb 11:00am Da Cards at Speedsters
28-Feb 11:00am Home Grown at Just Chillin
6-Mar 9:00am Long Ball at Fly Bys
6-Mar 9:00am Rounders at Speedsters
6-Mar 11:00am Peak at Just Chillin
6-Mar 11:00am Da Cards at Home Grown
13-Mar 9:00am Fly Bys at Speedsters
13-Mar 9:00am Long Ball at Just Chillin
13-Mar 11:00am Rounders at Home Grown
13-Mar 11:00am Peak at Da Cards
20-Mar 9:00am
20-Mar 11:00am Playoffs Semi-Finals
27-Mar 9:00am
27-Mar 11:00am Playoffs Finals

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