Scottsdale Friday Night Volleyball

League Coordinator - Fraser Laveay

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Free Agent Meet & Greet pickup Games begin the start of each season coinciding with semis & finals from the previous season.

As with all our other sports leagues, we strive to provide a casual and fun volleyball experience for everyone to enjoy!

We run various volleyball leagues and volleyball tournaments throughout the year with the focus on adult players looking to have some fun in the sand, meet some new people, and enjoy social volleyball.

We have current leagues are in Tempe & Scottsdale.

Click here to join our community on Facebook to find teams, tournament info and be part of the fun!

Scottsdale league info:

What? Coed 4’s & 6s Sand Volleyball – Adults | D1 4v4 (higher level) D2 4v4 (rec level) and 6v6 division.

Where? Indian School Park – Scottsdale – 4289 N Hayden Rd, Scottsdale, AZ 85251

When? New Season Starts in August with Free Agent Night | Games Friday Nights between 7:00-10:00pm

Who? Male and female players. All skill levels. Adult 18+. 

D1 players should be able to overhand serve, pass three times between team with ease and receive hard hits/spikes.

Info? The league runs minimum 8 weeks with 1 game per night. Minimum 7 weeks of league play and 1-2 weeks of playoffs. Trophies & prizes for winners. Social party at the end of the season.

Official After-Bar: Clancy’s Pub Pizza & Grill – No drink discounts currently as they recover from their flood.

How? Click below to sign-up.

League Rules

-At least one female on the court at all times
-Regular season – Best of 3 sets to 21 points (win by 2 pts)
-Playoff seeding tiebreaker – Head 2 Head 1st – League Manager Rankings 2nd – Rock Paper Scissors 3rd.
-All sets to 21 – Best of 3
-Playoffs – Same as Regular Season.
-Free agent teams: 5 people per team cycling through each serve
Game rules:
-Each person needs to serve in rotation
-You can’t jump to block/spike at serve at the net.
-No running into the net or under
-No scooping the ball
-Rally scoring
-The ball can hit the net and go over for a point or may be returned
-You can lose on serve if you hit it into the net or out of bounds
-If the ball hits any part of the lines it’s a point


D1 Standings

Team Flash70
Pass & Hitties61
We Tolerate Sand61
Vertically Challenged52
Unprotected Sets52
Volley Llamas34
Elf Spikers34
Holiday Hitters25
Notorious D.I.G.25
A Team16
Tri-City Dragons16
Bump Set Spike 3.007

D2 Standings

Krusty Krab70
Sloppy Sets52
Just The Tip43
Life's a Beach43
Sets On The Beach43
Set For Today43
Tall & Small Volleyball25
Ducky & Spike07


DATECOURT 1Court 2Court 3Court 4
Week 1 | 11.5Court 1Court 2Court 3Court 4
7 PMWA Team vs. Notorious D.I.G.Big & Small Volleyball v WSets On The BeachWSet For Today v Sandy CheeksTri-City Dragons vs. WHoliday Hitters
7:50 PMWChewblocka v Ducky & SpikeWUnprotected Sets vs. Volley LlamasBees? v WKrusty KrabWJust The Tip v Life's a Beach
8:40 PMWe Tolerate Sand vs. WPass & HittiesWVertically Challenged vs. Elf SpikersSandblasters v Sloppy Sets (MOVED TO NEXT WEEK, BOTH TEAM PLAY TWICE)
Week 2 | 11.12Court 1Court 2Court 3Court 4
7 PMUnprotected Sets v Elf SpikersTeam Flash v Pass & Hitties Tri-City Dragons v A TeamWe Tolerate Sand v Holiday Hitters
7:50 PMDucky & Spike vs. Sloppy SetsBees? vs. Sandblasters (Sandblasters plays twice)Vertically Challenged v BSB 3.0 Notorious D.I.G. v Volley Llamas
8:40 PMSandblasters v Sloppy Sets (DOUBLE HEADER)Life's A Beach vs. Tall & Small VolleyballKrusty Krab vs. Sets On The BeachJust The Tip vs. Set For Today
Week 3 | 11.19Court 1Court 2Court 3Court 4
7 PMWKrusty Krab vs. Set For TodayTri-City Dragons v WVolley LlamasWTeam Flash v Holiday Hitters Life's A Beach vs. WSets On The Beach
7:50 PMSloppy Sets vs. WJust The TipVertically Challenged v WPass & HittiesWNotorious D.I.G. v Elf SpikersWTall & Small Volleyball vs. Bees?
8:40 PMWUnprotected Sets v BSB 3.0WWe Tolerate Sand v A TeamWSandblasters vs. Ducky & Spike
Week 4 | 12.3Court 1Court 2Court 3Court 4
7 PMDucky & Spike vs. WTall & Small VolleyballWTeam Flash v BSB 3.0 (BOTH TEAMS PLAY TWICETri-City Dragons v WElf SpikersWVertically Challenged v Holiday Hitters
7:50 PMSloppy Sets vs. WKrusty KrabWNotorious D.I.G. v BSB 3.0TWeam Flash v A TeamLSets On The Beach vs. LSet For Today (No one Circled)
8:40 PMUnprotected Sets v WPass & HittiesWLife's A Beach vs. Bees?WWe Tolerate Sand v Volley LlamasSandblasters vs. WJust The Tip
Week 5 | 12.10Court 1Court 2Court 3Court 4
7 PMWSloppy Sets vs. Life's A BeachWTri-City Dragons v BSB 3.0WWe Tolerate Sand v Elf SpikersSet For Today vs. Bees?
No one Circled
7:50 PMWUnprotected Sets v Holiday Hitters Notorious D.I.G. v WPass & HittiesWTeam Flash v Volley LlamasWKrusty Krab vs. Just The Tip
8:40 PMTall & Small Volleyball vs. WSandblasters
WVertically Challenged v A TeamDucky & Spike vs. WSets On The Beach
Week 6 | 12.17Court 1Court 2Court 3Court 4
7 PMWUnprotected Sets v A TeamTri-City Dragons v WPass & HittiesWVertically Challenged v Volley LlamasWKrusty Krab vs. Just The Tip
7:50 PMWSloppy Sets vs. Life's A BeachDucky & Spike vs. WSets On The BeachWSet For Today vs. Bees?WTeam Flash v Elf Spikers
8:40 PMNotorious D.I.G. v WHoliday Hitters WWe Tolerate Sand v BSB 3.0Tall & Small Volleyball vs. WSandblasters
Week 7 | 1.7.22Court 1Court 2Court 3Court 4
7 PMNotorious D.I.G. v WUnprotected SetsWWe Tolerate Sand v Tri-City DragonsA Team v WVolley LlamasWKrusty Krab vs. Tall & Small Volleyball
7:50 PMSets On The Beach. vs. WSloppy SetsWPass & Hitties v Holiday Hitters Bees? vs. WJust The TipVertically Challenged v WTeam Flash
8:40 PMWElf Spikers v BSB 3.0Ducky & Spike vs. WLife's A BeachWSet For Today vs. Sandblasters
Playoffs Week 1 | 1.14.22Court 1Court 2Court 3Court 4
7 PMD1 1v8 (Game 1)
Team Flash vs Holiday Hitters
D1 2v7 (game 2)
Pass & Hitties vs Elf Spikers
D2 4v5 (Game 4) Lifes a Beach vs Sets on the beachD2 3v6 (Game 3) Just the Tip vs Set for Today
7:50 PMD1 4v5 (Game 4) Vertically Challenged vs Unprotected SetsD2 1v8 (Game 1)
Krusty Krab vs Tall & Small Volleyball
D1 3v6 (Game 3) We tolerate Sand vs Volley Llamas D1 Consolation - 9v10
Notorious DIG vs A Team
8:40 PMD2 2v7 (game 2)
Sloppy Sets vs Sand Blasters
D2 Consolation - 9v10 Bees? vs Ducky & SpikeD1 Consolation - 11v12
Tri City Dragons vs BSB 3.0
Playoffs Week 2 & Free Agent Games | 1.21.22
7 PMD1 Game 1 v 4 Winners
Flash v Unprotected Sets
D1 Game 2 v 3 Winners
Pass & Hitties v We Tolerate Sand
D2 Game 2 v 3 Winners
Just The Tip v Sandblasters
D2 Game 1 v 4 Winners
Krusty Krab v Sets On The Beach
7:50 PMD1 FinalD2 FinalsFA NIGHTFA NIGHT
New Season Starts 2.4