Soccer Captains Information

The Arizona Sports League has a huge community playing in several cities in the valley.  Below are some general guidelines for the captains and also players in the league.  If there are any questions about the information below simply ask:

Soccer League Director & Officials

The soccer league is operated as a side hobby. The soccer league is not a full time position. The soccer league has been in operation since 2003 and there are solid processes in place to help ensure an enjoyable, safe, playing environment for everyone.

How To Register Your Team

Want to join us for the upcoming season? Great! Registration is quite simple.  Simply make the Soccer Team Deposit payment at the + store. After making your team deposit the league will contact you to find out what league you want to join, your jersey color and team name. Keep in mind the league will use the email address associated with the team deposit unless you notify us to use another email address.

After making the team deposit you will need to ask each of your players to sign a waiver and submit them to the league. Then complete a roster. The roster is used by the league to help track the golden boot leaders.

Soccer Payments

The league charges each team a fee. The captain of each team needs to determine how much to charge their players and how to collect payment. We do offer the ability to have players pay the league directly through our online store, but the onus is still on the captain to ensure everyone on their team pays. We do have a web page setup that shows who has paid online to you can easily track those that have paid the league directly.

The league does require each team to make a “team deposit” to reserve their spot in the league. The team deposit is usually $250 and counts towards the total team fee.  The team deposit is usually required around two weeks prior to the league starting.  This allows the league to adjust the field requirements as needed. The final team payment is due at the first game. The final team payment is the total team fee minus the team deposit that was already paid.

Charging Your Players Correctly

Every season there are teams that have difficulty paying their team fee. They will have a number of players “drop” out at the last minute after others paid their fee. This results in the captain asking their players to pay a bit more to compensate for those that dropped out. Therefore it is wise to charge a few dollars extra to ensure the team fee is covered. If there is a surplus in player payment use the fees to buy extra shirts or head to the local bar and celebrate your victories!

Soccer Jerseys

If your team needs jerseys then you can order shirts online through the league.  We have cotton and polyester shirts.  The great thing about ordering shirts from us, when you get new players you just tell them to buy the same style and color shirts at the store.  Just keep track on the color selection you choose for your team.  You are more then welcomed to buy shirts from other suppliers.  The minimal markup on the shirts is to offset various expenses.  We do  not want to be out of pocket selling the shirts, nor do we want to make it a huge revenue source.  We just want to help soccer teams ensure everyone has a jersey.

+ Soccer Jersey Policy

Soccer Rosters

We do require soccer teams to submit a roster to the league.  Please submit your soccer roster to the league prior to the first game, if you need to make any changes we’ll update the rosters.  Simply send us an email or update the roster at the field to make changes to the roster.  Each week the officials will take the rosters to the field and spot check players to ensure they’re eligible to play.  We do lock down the rosters a few weeks into the season but make exceptions on occasion if you need to add a player.  The idea is to stop teams from bringing in ringers at the end of the season, not to deny a squad from replacing members due to attrition or injury.

+ ASL Roster

Soccer Schedules

The soccer league tries to limit changes to the schedule, yet this is unavoiable.  When we change the schedule we try to avoid doing it a week before the games…. but at times this cannot be avoided. Therefore always check the schedule. Ask your team to check it during the week and even on game day. If you see something on the soccer schedule that doesn’t look right…. missing dates or even a field change that doesn’t look right then notify the league.

Medical Coverage

Playing sports is a physical activity that can result in injury. Even playing in non-contact sports can result in injury. Everyone is strongly encouraged to have insurance. The league does not provide insurance for our participants. There are policies that individuals can pick up based on a monthly basis that are very reasonable. If you need help finding short term accidental insurance please contact the league or your insurance broker. When selecting a policy ensure to fully understand the coverage.


Every participant that plays in the sports league needs to complete a waiver. The waiver can be downloaded, signed, and handed in to any official.

+ ASL Waiver

Referees / Officials

We have a great set of soccer officials, yet they do make mistakes. Officials make mistakes on all levels and the intramural soccer leagues are no different. If there is an issue with a particular referee then simply let the league know about it.

Soccer Field Locations

Most of our leagues play in Tempe. We do this due to the location of the fields.  Yet on occasion we do move to other fields so make sure to check the schedule for park and field locations and do not assume the location each week.  We have a page setup to help guide the soccer players to the various fields.  Most of the fields we use will be on this page.

+ Map to Fields

Soccer Nets & Other Equipment

If your game is the last one on the day we do ask that the soccer players help remove the nets from the goals or take down other field equipment. We do this to help lower the cost of the league and at times allow us to play right up to the time we have the field reserved. If the league has to take down the equipment we will need to cut short the games to give the officials time to do the work.


Rain Outs

We will try to update our Social Media outlets and website with any update regarding weather conditions followed by emails to the captains. Updating the various online outlets allows for the players to get notified to help reduce the work on the captains. What if a captain is on vacation and we only sent out an email to them, we would have one upset team… that would probably be soaked from the rain. Just so everyone knows, field closures are handled by the City.