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Welcome to the Arizona Sports League.  We offer casual adult soccer games with the focus on hosting soccer matches in a safe environment.  Ideally after reading through this page you’ll understand the process we follow to bring on soccer players to teams.


[fancy_header3 variation=”red”]Expectations[/fancy_header3]
We need to stress that the soccer league is managed by part time soccer playing fanatics.  The league was formed as an outlet to play soccer.  The Director and League Assistants have full time jobs and this is done on the side.  Please bare that in mind as we go through the process of getting you on a soccer team.

[fancy_header3 variation=”red”]Free Agent Fee:[/fancy_header3]

We offer individual free agents the ability to pay the league directly.  This eliminates the free agents from paying a captain they have not met before and protects the captains from having free agents confirm they will play on their team yet not show up on game day.  (If someone pays the free agent fee then they generally will show up for the games)

[one_half_last][titled_box title=”Process to Join the League” variation=”red”]
The League Coordinator will send out information. Please register online so we have your information in our system.

Please note that paid free agents have priority when getting assigned to teams. We know those soccer free agents are serious about playing in the league.  The free agent fee is fully refundable up until a couple days before the season starting, after that we prorate the refund.

[fancy_header3 variation=”red”]League Seasons and Structure:[/fancy_header3]

We offer four soccer leagues.  We have the Friday coed soccer, Saturday open soccer, Saturday Over 35 soccer, and Sunday soccer.  Each soccer league runs on a nine week schedule with an occasional exception.  Generally speaking we try to have divisions of eight teams, seven games regular season and then two weeks for playoffs.

Each of our soccer leagues play in the Fall and Winter season.  The Friday coed and Saturday leagues usually have a spring and summer season.

[fancy_header3 variation=”red”]Waiver:[/fancy_header3]
The soccer league does work on providing a safe environment, yet we all know that playing soccer or any sport does have a risk of injury.  Due to fact we require everyone to sign a waiver before playing.  Waivers can be handed into the referees, league assistants, or league director.

ASL Waiver

[fancy_header3 variation=”red”]Jersey:[/fancy_header3]
Everyone is required to have a matching shirt and unique number on a team.  A few teams have jerseys you can buy, some teams incorporate the cost of a jersey in the player fee, or teams might ask you to get a jersey.  We do sell jerseys at a pretty good discount.  Our goal is to have players in matching shirts and not making a few bucks on a jersey.

[fancy_header3 variation=”red”]League Locations:[/fancy_header3]
The soccer leagues try to stay in the City of Tempe.  Our main fields are at Tempe Sports Complex or Benedict.  The Friday coed league needs to play in Chandler at Snedigar Park on rare occasions.  We do play matches in Mesa and other cities on occasion.

Map of Fields

[fancy_header3 variation=”red”]Coed Teams:[/fancy_header3]
We do offer coed soccer on Friday nights.  There’s usually a waiting list for men to get on the teams.  Most of the time teams are only looking for women players.  There are times when teams ask for women/men combinations.  If your a man and you want to play on a coed team then you should find a woman that would want to play to better your odds on getting on a team.  Sorry but it is coed and we do need an equal number of men and women.

[fancy_header3 variation=”red”]Slide Tackling:[/fancy_header3]
This is a causal soccer league.  We restrict slide tackling in some of our leagues.  The Over 35 and Friday coed leagues we prohibit slide tackling but this rule might change.  Please ask the referees prior to the match if you’re not sure.  The Saturday open or Sunday open soccer leagues usually allow slide tackling.  Again check with the officials.

[fancy_header3 variation=”red”]Communications:[/fancy_header3]
Remember that the league is operated as a part time venture.  We try to respond to all the emails but get 100’s at the start of each season.  Trying to respond to each one is impossible.  Most of the time we ask that you complete the free agent form which puts your email address in our data base so we can send out mass emails.  Free Agent Form

[fancy_header3 variation=”red”]Referees:[/fancy_header3]
Our weekend leagues are sanctioned and we run a full referee crew. That will be a center referee and two assistant referees. The Friday coed league has a dual referee system. The referees are well experienced officiating casual adult soccer matches. They will make a mistake, they will miss calls, as long as they’re consistent.

[fancy_header3 variation=”red”]Team Formation:[/fancy_header3]
Getting on a team as a soccer free agent is hard and at times next to impossible.  Therefore we do form teams on occasion to help accommodate all the free agents.  If you jump on a free agent team then things will be a bit chaotic at first.  It will take time for players to gel.


If at anytime you have questions or concerns then let us know: