Thursday Night Adult Flag Football

League Coordinator - Jeramy Bollinger

Special Announcement

New Season starts In January

Join our NON-CONTACT Flag Football league 6 on 6 with a strong emphasis on high scoring offence, definitely not your average Flag league. Come join the fun with the 70+ other teams, you won’t be disappointed!

Our leagues run all year round with our Tuesday night league in Tempe, Wednesday night in N.Phx, and Thursday night league in Mesa.


  • Free agent night we bring everyone who signed up as a single player and play pickup games on Free Agent night and from there we combine all players into fair free agent teams that you will play on for the season. It is a great way to meet people and get out there! If you can’t make it you will still be placed on a team not to worry.

Leagues run all year round and our Thursday night league is east valley based with games generally played in Mesa area.

Need more info, here you go:

What?  Non Contact 6 on 6 flag football.  Triple threats flag provided. 8 games guaranteed with potential of additional playoff games.

Where? East Valley – Typically Tempe/Mesa/Gilbert Borders

When?  Thursday Nights between 6:30-10 pm.

Who?  Adults 18+ all skill levels. Open to Male and Female.

Info? Games run 40+ mins.  We use licensed flag referees.  Trophy for winning team.

How?  Look right and select payment to sign up. You must be fully paid a week in advance to play in the league.

Take a moment to join AZ Sports League Flag Football Community on Facebook to find teams and join the discussion in our football group.

Current Champions D1 // Summer 2021

Current Champions D2 // Summer 2021



Teams Jersey Color Wins LossTiePoints ForPoints Against
Red FlagZ
Westside Vale
Tuff Crowd
Show us your Tds
The Process
Attack Titans
Crop Dusters
Bob's Dawgs
Desert Outlaws
Smash Bros
Mean Machines
Bread & Butter
Average Joe's
Yard Goats


DateTimesTeams ScoresLocation
Week 1
Jan 27th 2022
Tempe Sports Complex 8401 south Hardy DR.
6:00pmThe Process vs The Minorities
6:45pmShow us your TDs vs Estalit
7:30pmTuff Crowd vs TPG
8:15pmAssassins vs Westside Vale
9:00pmRed Flagz vs Degenerates
6:00pmBobs Dawgs vs Mean Machines
6:45pmBorrachos vs Average Joe's
7:30pmCrop Dusters vs Bread and Butter
8:15pmAttack Titans vs Yard Goats
9:00pmDesert OutLaws vs Smash Bros
Week 2
Feb 3rd 2022
6:00pmWestside Vale vs Show us your TD's
6:45pmRed Flagz vs Assassins
7:30pmDegenerates vs Tuff Crowd
8:15pmTPG vs The Process
9:00pmMinorities vs Estalit
6:00pmSmash Bros vs Crop Dusters
6:45pmMean Machine vs Borrachos
7:30pmDesert Outlaws vs Bobs Dawgs
8:15pmYard Goats vs Average Joes
9:00pmBread and Butter vs Attack Titians
Week 3
Feb 10th 2022
6:00pmRed Flagz vs Tuff Crowd
6:45pmThe Process vs Westside vale
7:30pmDegenerates vs Show us your TDs
8:15pmTPG vs Estalit
9:00pmAssassins vs Minorities
6:00pmAverage Joes vs Bread and Butter
6:45pmAttack Titans vs Mean MAchine
7:30pmSmash Bros vs Borrachos
8:15pmDesert Outlaws vs Crop Dusters
9:00pmBob's Dawgs vs Yard Goats
Week 4
Feb 17th 2022
6:00pmAssassins vs Tuff Crowd
6:45pmEstalit vs Westside Vale
7:30pmMinorities vs TPG
8:15pmDegenerates vs The Process
9:00pmShow us your TDs vs Red Flag
6:00pmBob's Dawgs vs Crop Dusters
6:45pmYard Goats vs Bread and Butter
7:30pmAverage Joes vs Mean Machines
8:15pmBorrachos vs Desert Outlaws
9:00pmSmash Bros vs Attack Titans
Week 5
Feb 24th 2022
6:00pmWestside vale vs Red Flagz
6:45pmminorities vs Degenerates
7:30pmShow us your TDs vs The Process
8:15pmTPG vs Assassins
9:00pmEstalit vs Tuff Crowd
6:00pmYard Goats vs Smash Bros
6:45pmMean Machines vs Desert Outlaws
7:30pmBorrachos vs Attack Titans
8:15pmBread and Butter vs Bob's Dawgs
9:00pmAverage Joes vs Crop Dusters
Week 6
March 3rd 2022
6:00pmTuff Crowd vs Show us your TDs
6:45pmWestside Vale vs Minorities
7:30pmRed Flagz vs Estalit
8:15pmThe Process vs Assassins
9:00pmTPG vs Degenerates
6:00pmDesert Outlaws vs Average Joe's
6:45pmBread and Butter vs Smash Bros
7:30pmMean Machines vs Yard Goats
8:15pmCrop Dusters vs Borrachos
9:00pmAttack Titans vs Bob's Dawgs
Week 7
Mar 10th 2022
6:00pmAssassins vs Estalit
6:45pmMinorities vs Show us your TDs
7:30pmTuff Crowd vs The Process
8:15pmTPG vs Red Flagz
9:00pmWestside Vale vs Degenerates
6:00pmMean Machines vs Smash Bros
6:45pmAverage Joe's vs Bob's Dawgs
7:30pmBread and Butter vs Desert Outlaws
8:15pmYard Goats vs Borrachos
9:00pmCrop Dusters vs Attack Titans
Week 8 First round playoffs
Mar 17th 2022
Week 9 Semi & Finals
Mar 24th 2022