About ASL

Arizona Sports League is Arizona’s largest provider of recreational sports leagues & premier social events in the phoenix metropolitan area.  With thousands of annual participants, AZ Sports League has become the place to meet and compete in various sports and activities all over the valley.  We’ve become the largest because we offer high quality leagues at low cost.  Our focus is not on being the largest, but being the best.   Yet through our commitment to providing excellent leagues and activities we have grown to the largest.

In order for us to excel at hosting the different sports we seek out league coordinators who are passionate about playing the sports that they manage.  We found out early that to adequately run a league the league coordinator has to be involved in that sporting community.  This is how we were formed, from individuals who loved playing the sport and wanted to build a community of other sport playing individuals.

We started as the old Motorola soccer league with seven teams in early 2001.  Now we have Kickball, Lacrosse, Flag Football, Volleyball, Tennis, Basketball, Pickleball, Running and Soccer leagues.

We’re continuously seeking other league coordinators who have a passion for a sport to help continue our growth. If you fit the bill, if you love a sport and want to help it grow, then let us know.


Arizona Sports League

Does the league provide insurance?

No, the league does not have insurance for the players. We only have liability insurance for the municipalities that we play in. If you need insurance then we can recommend some providers that have reasonable short term coverage.

What are the age restrictions for the league?

We are primarily an adult league, but we do have a few youth activities as well.

How do I become a free agent?

The first step is to register with the league and indicate what sports you are interested in playing during registration. We will send out notifications for upcoming leagues to those that register, but it’s also beneficial to indicate you are wanting to become a free agent for a particular league by emailing the league coordinator in charge. Don’t worry, if you send it to the wrong person it will get routed correctly.

If I want to form a team will the league help in recruiting free agents?

Yes, if you have a core group of players then we’ll help augment your team with free agents. Just touch base with the league first and let us know how many players you might need.

How does the league determine what fields they will play at?

The league works with the city to try and find the fields that are convenient for the players, in good condition, and available. At times the city only allocates certain fields so we have to take what they give us.


Mens & Coed Soccer

How many players per side?

We run with standard 11 players on each side. We do not limit substitutions and the roster size can be up to 25 players.

In the co-ed leagues, how many girls are needed to play?

In our co-ed leagues we require five girls playing at all times. One girl can be in the goal and four on the field or all five in the field. If you do not have five girls then you will need to play short. There are no minimum requirements for boys, you can field a team of all girls if you want.

Are the games full length?

Yes, we try to make each half 45 minutes long, or 90 minutes per game. At times the halves get truncated due to time constraints. (Lack of lights for night games)

How do I become a soccer free agent?

We have a post on how to join the league, give it a quick look over and complete the form on the bottom.

Is slide tackling allowed?

In some of our leagues we allow for slide tackling, but not all. Generally speaking the Friday coed, Saturday O35 do  not allow it and the Saturday Open and Sunday leagues do.  Please check with the league coordinator.

How many referees are used?

We run with a full referee crew, two assistance referees and the head referee.

What is the ratio between boys and girls on the field?

Our co-ed leagues require five girls on the field at all times. One of the girls can play as a goalie requiring only four on the field. At no time will there be a total of six boys playing. If a team only has four girls then the team will have to play short a player. There is a three girl requirement to play. There is no minimum number of boys to play, you can play with an entire girl team.

How many referees are used?

Generally speaking our night games have dual referees and the day league uses a full crew. At times we do have a full crew for the night time games.

I received a red card, do I need to pay a fine?

At times we will implement a fine for red cards. Check with your league coordinator.


Tri-Sport Tournament

What is the Tri-Sport Tournament?

The Tri-Sport Tournament is a way that teams can compete in multiple sports to determine who is the best overall squad.

Is the tournament co-ed?

The tournament is co-ed. Although teams are competing against each other we try to keep a friendly atmosphere.



How do I register a team?

Register as Captain. Once registered your team will be added to the drop down list for your players to register under. Players can register and pay individually or if the team fee is paid in full you need only submit a Team Roster with first & last name, shirt size and email address of each player with female players identified.

How many players do I need for a team?

A team consists of no less than 12 players and no more than 18 with a minimum of 4 female players.

I want to play but don’t have a team, can I still join?

Yes, you can! Just get registered as a Free Agent. Teams are always looking Free Agent players to fill their rosters. And Free Agent teams are often created. You can be placed per your preference. Once registered as a Free Agent you will be assigned to a team just before Kick-Off. Free Agent Team Assignments will be included in the Week #1 email.

When will  team schedules be out?

Team schedule will be emailed and/or posted weekly. Week #1 schedules will be included in the Week #1 email and sent out just before Kick-Off. Certain leagues nights may or may not provide a full season schedule and only offer a schedule weekly.

How old do I need to be to play?

Adults age 18+ are eligible to play.

Can you drink in this league?

Many of our leagues nights have Beer Permits and drinking is allowed. You must be 21+ to drink. Players under 21 are required to be at least 18 and will be the “ward’ of their team captain. Should a player under the age of 21 be found consuming alcohol the player will be banned from the league and the team suspended pending return authorization.

Does the Team fee cover all costs or are there additional fees?

The Team Fee covers registration for up to 18 players. There are no additional fees. The registration fee covers each players registration, a custom team shirt and drink ticket at the end of the season party. Additional players over the allotted 18 can be added for a $25 fee per player.

Does the league provide medical coverage?

The league does not provide coverage for the players. You need to have your own coverage. The league is not responsible for injuries. We need each player to complete a waiver before playing.

Who can I contact directly with questions?

Contact Rene at the link below with any further questions.



6 vs 6 Soccer

How big are the fields?

100ft in width and 140ft in length.

How many players are on the field at a time?

6 players are on the field at a time including the goalie. So 5 outfileld and 1 keeper.

How many females need to be on the field for a co-ed game?

A minimum of 2 females are required on the field for a co-ed game.

How long do games last?

Games are 45 minutes in length total.

How long does the season last for?

The season runs for 8 weeks and every team is guaranteed 8 games. Sometimes teams do get more games due to playoffs/more teams in divisions but a minimum of 8 games. In the event we have more teams in a division most teams will play a double header week where they play 2 games in one night.

What nights of the week is the 6v6 League played on?

We are currently running a Wednesday night session in Tempe/Chandler and a Friday night session in Scottsdale.

What times are games played?

Games can be played anywhere between 6pm-10pm. We are finished by 10pm each evening.

Where are games generally played?

The Wednesday night league plays in Tempe and Chandler with occasional games at Pecos Park. The Scottsdale 6v6 in played in Scottsdale at Scottsdale Sports Complex or Copper Ridge Park (North Scottsdale).

Is this indoor or outdoor soccer?

Both Wednesday and Fridays are played outdoors.

What kind of footwear shall I wear?

You can wear cleats or turf shoes as we play outdoor on grass.

What are the different skill levels available?

We offer a division for all skill levels for men and women. We have 4 divisions for the men’s league’s and 2 divisions of co-ed so no matter what your experience or skill level we can find a spot for you and your team.

What do I need to do to get a team together?

Quite simply find a group of friends that love playing soccer. A squad of around 9-10 players is suggested this way if anyone is injured or away you have ample cover. Most teams average 9-10 players but you can have up to 12 on your roster. If you need Free Agents also we have them available if you need to boost your squad numbers.

How do I enter my team?

E-Mail adam@azsportsleague.com with your information and we will get you setup. It is advised to do so with about 4 week to go before a new season starts as spots fill up fast. If you know anyone else that would be interested in participating for each team referred the player referring will receive a discount for that season.

I’m a Free Agent and don’t have a team, can I still play?

Yes! We can find a team for any free agents looking to play as an individual or if you have a friend that wants to play we can usually get you on the same team. Everyone is welcome!

Do you use referees?

Yes. We use certified official referees for all our games.

What do teams get for winning their Division?

A trophy and generally we have t-shirts/prizes and various goodies from sponsors to give to the team. And of course a photo to show off to your friends. Also teams at the top of the division will be promoted to the next league up. But that also goes for teams at the bottom of the division. They will be relegated to the division below.



How long are the games?

40 minute games (2 20-minute games).

How long is the season?

8 week season. Regular season and playoffs.

Are there free agent sign ups?

Yes, if FAs don’t find a team we will get remaining FAs together on a team. Our FA teams across all sports end up often playing in the Championship so don’t fret! Free Agent signups are $70. We hold Meet & Greet drop-in nights for all signed up Free Agents the week before the start of each season.

How much is it?

$600 for a team, $70 for free agents.

Is it co-ed?

It is not a true co-ed league however many women still play. Our Open division is where most all of our female players play and love it!

What nights are games; where are they located at and at what time?

Weds Night League – SDFC Downtown Phoenix 7-10pm
League’s are 8 weeks and a new season starts immediately after the last one
Men’s Competitive Div
NEW Thursday Night League – Tempe Prep Academy Church Gym – 2150 E Southern Ave, Tempe, AZ 85258
Open Division
Men’s Competitive Division – Pending demand
Open Division (open to female players)

How many players on a roster?

8 is the minimum per team. 10 is the maximum per team.

Are there playoffs

Yes – there are semis and finals?

How many fouls are allowed?

No max fouls.

What do you win?

Champions get a trophy, t-shirts and $100 off the next season.