Thursday Night Volleyball

League Coordinator - Fraser Laveay

Special Announcement

We currently have two Scottsdale Leagues & three Tempe Leagues with over 100 teams registered! See our site to register for those.

We typically have a Division 1 & Division 2. D1 is A-C and D2 is C-Rec/Beginner.


Free Agent night is the first night to kickoff each season where we have all the registered free agents out to meet and create teams with new friends! Of course if you come with a friend or spouse then you will be on the same team.

Our leagues definitely scale on the social side but with our D1 having some great athletes and players where D2 is more for the social teams and newer players.

Click here to join our community on Facebook to find teams, tournament info and be part of the fun!

Tempe League info:

What?  CoEd 4’s – Adults

Where?  Kiwanis Park

When?  Thursday Nights between 6-10pm

Who? Male and female players.  All skill levels.  Adults 18+

D1 – Open/A/B players

D2 – C-Rec/Beginner players

Info?  The league runs 9 weeks with 8 games guaranteed plus Semis & Finals. 1 game per night.  $65 reg price for the season per player or $225 per team of 4-6.  Prizes for winners. Social party at the end of the season.

How?  Click Sign-up Below to Register

League Rules

-At least one female on the court at all times
-Regular season – Best of 3 sets to 21 points (win by 2 pts)
-Playoff seeding tiebreaker – Head 2 Head 1st – League Manager Rankings 2nd – Rock Paper Scissors 3rd.
-1st two sets to 21, 3rd set to 15 if needed (win by 2 pts)
-Playoffs – Same as Regular Season.
-Free agent teams: 5 people per team cycling through each serve
Game rules:
-Each person needs to serve in rotation
-You can’t jump to block/spike at serve at the net.
-No running into the net or under
-No scooping the ball
-Rally scoring
-The ball can hit the net and go over for a point or may be returned
-You can lose on serve if you hit it into the net or out of bounds
-If the ball hits any part of the lines it’s a point

D1 Standings

Hot Girl Summer71
Pass & Hitties71
The Crows53
I Support Hot Moms44
Gold Diggers17
Nice Bumps08

D2 Standings

Setting Ducks70
Beavis & Bumphead61
Spike-eel O'Neal61
Tie Dye For61
Eating Ace52
Death Volley52
Aces Down Sets Up52
How I Set Your Mother43
Sets On The Beach43
Notorious D.I.G. 43
RIP Wilson34
Maddi's Team34
Nice Aces34
Kiss My Ace34
That's What She Set25
Hardstruck Servers07
Wesley Crushers07


Week 1 - 5.5.22Court 1 (CLOSEST TO STREET)Court 2Court 3
6:00PMOpen for Practice!Open for Practice!WISHM v Nice Bumps
6:50 PMWMaddi Team vs. That's What She SetThe Crows v WHot Girl SummerGold Diggers v WPass & Hitties
7:40PMHardstruck Servers vs. WBumblebeesSets On The Beach vs. WHow I Set Your MotherWSetting Ducks vs. Tie Dye For
8:30PMWEating Ace vs. Kiss My AceAces Down Sets Up vs. WBeavis & BumpheadBreadwinners vs. WSpike-eel O'Neal
9:20PMWNotorious D.I.G. vs. LRIP Wilson Nice Aces vs. WDeath VolleyWesley Crushers vs. WSpikeadelic
Week 2 - 5.12Court 1 (CLOSEST TO STREET)Court 2Court 3
6:00PMOpen for Practice!Open for Practice!WAces Down Sets Up vs. Nice Aces
6:50 PMWSpike-eel O'Neal vs. Notorious D.I.G. WBeavis & Bumphead vs. RIP WilsonWBreadwinners vs. Wesley Crushers
7:40PMSpikeadelic vs. WDeath VolleyWHot Girl Summer v ISHMGold Diggers v WThe Crows
8:30PMMaddi Team vs. WSetting DucksHardstruck Servers vs. WEating AceNice Bumps v WPass & Hitties
9:20PMBumblebees vs. WSets On The BeachWThat's What She Set vs. How I Set Your MotherKiss My Ace vs. WTie Dye For
Week 3 - 5.19Court 1 (CLOSEST TO STREET)Court 2Court 3
6:00PMOpen for Practice!Open for Practice!WSets On The Beach vs. Maddi Team
6:50 PMThat's What She Set vs. WEating AceBumblebees vs. WHow I Set Your MotherWTie Dye For vs. Hardstruck Servers
7:40PMWSetting Ducks vs. Kiss My AceNotorious D.I.G. vs. WAces Down Sets UpWBeavis & Bumphead vs. Wesley Crushers
8:30PMSpike-eel O'Neal vs. WRIP WilsonWDeath Volley vs. BreadwinnersISHM v WPass & Hitties
9:20PMWNice Aces vs. SpikeadelicWThe Crows v Nice BumpsGold Diggers v WHot Girl Summer
Week 4 - 5.26Court 1 (CLOSEST TO STREET)Court 2Court 3
Mexico Beach TourneyIn One Month!
6:00PMOpen for Practice!Open for Practice!How I Set Your Mother vs. WEating Ace
6:50 PMWSetting Ducks vs. Hardstruck ServersWHot Girl Summer vs Nice BumpsGold Diggers v WISHM
7:40PMWKiss My Ace vs. Sets On The BeachThe Crows v WPass & HittiesWTie Dye For vs. That's What She Set
8:30PMBumblebees vs. WMaddi TeamWNice Aces vs. BreadwinnersDeath Volley vs. WBeavis & Bumphead
9:20PMWRIP Wilson vs. Wesley CrushersWSpikeadelic vs. Notorious D.I.G. WSpike-eel O'Neal vs. Aces Down Sets Up
Week 5 - 6.2Court 1 (CLOSEST TO STREET)Court 2Court 3
6:00PMOpen for Practice!Open for Practice!WNotorious D.I.G. vs. Nice Aces
6:50 PMSpikeadelic vs. /wRIP WilsonWBeavis & Bumphead vs. BreadwinnersWesley Crushers vs. WAces Down Sets Up
7:40PMDeath Volley vs. WSpike-eel O'NealWGold Diggersv Nice BumpsWThe Crows v ISHM
8:30PMSets On The Beach vs. WSetting DucksKiss My Ace vs. WHow I Set Your MotherWHot Girl Summer v Pass & Hitties
9:20PMWThat's What She Set vs. Hardstruck ServersWTie Dye For vs. BumblebeesWEating Ace vs. Maddi Team
Week 6 - 6.9Court 1 (CLOSEST TO STREET)Court 2Court 3
6:00PMBumblebees vs. WSetting DucksGold Diggers v WThe Crows (BOTH PLAY TWICE TONIGHT)WISHM (play again at 7:40) v Nice Bumps
6:50 PMWTie Dye For vs. Eating AceThe Crows v WHot Girl Summer (PLAY AGAIN NEXT)Gold Diggers v WPass & Hitties
7:40PMHardstruck Servers vs. WSets On The BeachWKiss My Ace vs. That's What She SetWHot Girl Summer v ISHM
8:30PMWHow I Set Your Mother vs. Maddi TeamWDeath Volley vs. Wesley CrushersWSpike-eel O'Neal vs. Nice Aces
9:20PMBreadwinners vs. wNotorious D.I.G. RIP Wilson vs. WAces Down Sets UpSpikeadelic vs. WBeavis & Bumphead
Week 7 - 6.16Court 1 (CLOSEST TO STREET)Court 2Court 3
6:00PMKiss My Ace vs. BumblebeesThat's What She Set vs. Sets On The Beach
6:50 PMHow I Set Your Mother vs. Tie Dye ForEating Ace vs. Setting DucksRIP Wilson vs. Death Volley
7:40PMAces Down Sets Up vs. BreadwinnersSpikeadelic vs. Spike-eel O'NealWesley Crushers vs. Nice Aces
8:30PMBeavis & Bumphead vs. Notorious D.I.G. Maddi Team vs. Hardstruck ServersNice Bumps v Pass & Hitties (both play again next)
9:20PMHot Girl Summer v Nice BumpsGold Diggers v ISHMThe Crows v Pass & Hitties
WEEK 8 - 6.30Court 1Court 2Court 3
D2 consolation game 19v20 will be next week
6:00PMD2 - 7th v 10th (game 7) Aces down Sets up vs Notorious DIGD2 consolation 17th v 18th Bumble Bees vs Bread WinnersD2 - 8th v 9th (Game 8) How I set your Mother vs Sets on the Beach
6:50 PMD2 - 4th v 13th (Game 4) Tie dye for Nice AcesD2 - 5th v 12th (Game 5)
Eating Ace vs Maddis Team
D2 - 6th v 11th (game 6) Death Volley vs Rip Wilson
7:40PMGold Diggers v Hot Girl Summer (BOTH PLAY NEXT)ISHM v Pass & Hitties (BOTH PLAY NEXT)The Crows v Nice Bumps (BOTH PLAY NEXT)
8:30PMGold Diggers v Nice BumpsHot Girl Summer v Pass & HittiesThe Crows vs ISHM
9:20PMD2 - 3rd v 14th (Game 3)
Spikeel Oneal vs Kiss my Ace
D2 - 1st vs 16th (game 1) Setting Ducks vs Thats What She setD2 - 2nd vs 15th (Game 2) Beavis & Bumphead vs Spikeadelic
WEEK 9 - 7/7Court 1Court 2Court 3
6:00PMD2 - ALL SETS TO 15 - Game 1 Winner v Game 8 Winner (Game 9) 2 Bump Chumps vs Spike TysonD2 - ALL SETS TO 15Game 2 Winner v Game 7 Winner (Game 10) Setter Hardly Know Her vs Wally WiseD2 - ALL SETS TO 15 - Game 3 Winner v Game 6 Winner (Game 11) Friends vs Setting Ducks
6:50 PMD2 - ALL SETS TO 15 - Game 4 Winner v Game 5 Winner (Game 12) D1 - 1st v 4th (all sets to 21)D1 - 2nd v 3rd (all sets to 21)
7:40PMD2 - 3RD SET TO 15 - GAME 9 WINNER v GAME 12 WINNERD2 - 3RD SET TO 15 - GAME 10 WINNER v GAME 11 WINNERD1 Finals (all sets to 21)
8:30PMFA NIGHTD2 FINALS - ALL SETS TO 15 (unless you agree both to 21 and aren't tired)D2 consolation 19th v 20th
NEW SEASON - August 14th