Tuesday Night Volleyball Tempe

League Coordinator - Fraser Laveay

Special Announcement

We currently have one Scottsdale Leagues, two Tempe Leagues & a Gilbert League with over 100 teams registered! See our site to register for those.

If there is demand we will be a Division 1 & Division 2. D1 is A-B and D2 is B-D.


Free Agent night is the first night to kickoff each season where we have all the registered free agents out to meet and create teams with new friends! Of course if you come with a friend or spouse then you will be on the same team.

Our leagues definitely scale on the social side but with our D1 having some great athletes and players where D2 is more for the social teams and newer players.

Click here to join our community on Facebook to find teams, tournament info and be part of the fun!

Tempe League info:

What?  CoEd 4’s – Adults

Where?  Kiwanis Park

When?  Tuesday Nights between 7-10pm

Who? Male and female players.  All skill levels.  Adults 18+

D1 – Open/A/B players

D2 – C-Rec/Beginner players

Info?  The league runs 8 weeks with 8 games guaranteed plus Semis & Finals. 1 game per night.  $65 reg price for the season per player or $225 per team of 4-6.  Prizes for winners. Social party at the end of the season.

How?  Click Sign-up Below to Register

League Rules

-At least one female on the court at all times
-Regular season – Best of 3 sets to 21 points (win by 2 pts)
-Playoff seeding tiebreaker – Head 2 Head 1st – League Manager Rankings 2nd – Rock Paper Scissors 3rd.
-All sets to 21 – Best of 3
-Playoffs – Same as Regular Season.
-Free agent teams: 5 people per team cycling through each serve
Game rules:
-Each person needs to serve in rotation
-You can’t jump to block/spike at serve at the net.
-No running into the net or under
-No scooping the ball
-Rally scoring
-The ball can hit the net and go over for a point or may be returned
-You can lose on serve if you hit it into the net or out of bounds
-If the ball hits any part of the lines it’s a point

D1 Standings

Taylor Gang Or Die61
Pass & Hitties52
Heights Apparel43
Santa Spikers25
Holiday Hitters34
Spiked Eggnog16

D2 Standings

TeamWins Losses
Volley Llamas70
Sandy Cheeks 61
Spike It Like It's Hot61
Big Dig Lovers52
Butt Sets52
Dig this Ace52
Here For Fun34
Great Aces34
Spiked Punch III25
Safe Sets25
Kiss My Ace25
Tempe Tantrums16
Spikological Warfare16
Getting Setsy16
Unprotected Sets16


Week 1 - 11.16Court 1 (Nearest to Street)Court 2Court 3
6:30PMWDig this Ace vs. Spiked Punch IIINerdaholics vs. WBig Dig LoversTaylor's Gang Or Die v WHeights Apparel
7:20PMUnprotected Sets vs. WSpikological WarfareWVolley Llamas vs. Kiss My AceHoliday Hitters v WSanta Spikers
8:10PMWSandy Cheeks vs. Tempe TantrumsButt Sets vs. WSpike It Like It's HotSpiked Eggnog v WPass & Hitties
9:00PMWGreat Aces vs. Getting SetsyWHere For Fun vs. Safe Sets
Week 2- 11.23Court 1 (Nearest to Street)Court 2Court 3
6:30PMSandy Cheeks vs. WButt SetsWHere For Fun vs. Tempe TantrumsWSpiked Eggnog v Holiday Hitters
7:20PMGreat Aces vs. WSpike It Like It's HotGetting Setsy vs. WSafe SetsHeights Apparel v WPass & Hitties
8:10PMWDig this Ace vs. Unprotected SetsKiss My Ace vs. WBig Dig LoversSanta Spikers v WTaylor's Gang Or Die
9:00PMWVolley Llamas vs. Spikological WarfareNerdaholics vs. WSpiked Punch III
Week 3 - 11..30Court 1 (Nearest to Street)Court 2Court 3
6:30PMDig this Ace vs. WNerdaholicsWKiss My Ace vs. Spiked Punch IIISpiked Eggnog v WSanta Spikers
7:20PMWVolley Llamas vs. Unprotected SetsWBig Dig Lovers vs. Spikological WarfareWHoliday Hitters v Heights Apparel
8:10PMWSandy Cheeks vs. Here For FunWGetting Setsy vs. v Tempe TantrumsWTaylor's Gang Or Die v Pass & Hitties
9:00PMSafe Sets vs. WSpike It Like It's HotGreat Aces vs. WButt Sets
Week 4- 12.7Court 1 (Nearest to Street)Court 2Court 3
6:30PMSafe Sets vs. WButt SetsWSpike It Like It's Hot vs. Tempe TantrumsSanta Spikers v WHeights Apparel
7:20PMGreat Aces vs. WSandy Cheeks Getting Setsy vs. WHere For FunSpiked Eggnog v WTaylor's Gang Or Die
8:10PMWVolley Llamas vs. Dig this AceKiss My Ace vs. WNerdaholicsHoliday Hitters v WPass & Hitties
9:00PMSpikological Warfare vs. WSpiked Punch IIIWBig Dig Lovers vs. Unprotected Sets
Week 5- 12.14Court 1Court 2Court 3
6:30PMKiss My Ace vs. WDig this AceBig Dig Lovers vs. WVolley LlamasSpikological Warfare vs. WNerdaholics
7:20PMSpiked Punch III vs. WUnprotected SetsGetting Setsy vs. WSandy Cheeks Spiked Eggnog v WHeights Apparel
8:10PMWSafe Sets vs. Great AcesWSpike It Like It's Hot vs. Here For FunSanta Spikers v WPass & Hitties
9:00PMTempe Tantrums vs. WButt SetsHoliday Hitters v WTaylor's Gang Or Die
Week 6- 1.4Court 1Court 2Court 3
6:30PMTempe Tantrums vs. WGreat AcesLButt Sets vs. LHere For FunWTaylor's Gang Or Die v Heights Apparel
7:20PMWSandy Cheeks vs. Safe SetsWSpike It Like It's Hot vs. Getting SetsySpiked Eggnog v WPass & Hitties
8:10PMWDig this Ace vs. Big Dig LoversSpikological Warfare vs. WKiss My AceWHoliday Hitters v Santa Spikers
9:00PMUnprotected Sets vs. WNerdaholicsSpiked Punch III vs. WVolley Llamas
Week 7- 1.11Court 1Court 2Court 3
6:30PMSpikological Warfare vs. Dig this AceNerdaholics vs. Volley Llamas
7:20PMUnprotected Sets vs. Kiss My AceSpike It Like It's Hot vs. Sandy Cheeks Spiked Eggnog v Holiday Hitters
8:10PMTempe Tantrums vs. Safe SetsButt Sets vs. Getting SetsyHeights Apparel v Pass & Hitties
9:00PMSpiked Punch III vs. Big Dig LoversHere For Fun vs. Great AcesSanta Spikers v Taylor's Gang Or Die
Week 8- 1.18
Playoffs - Best of 3 to 21
Court 1Court 2Court 3
6:30PMD2- 7th v 10th (game 1) -
Nerdaholics vs Spiked Punch III - WINNER PLAYS AGAIN NEXT
D2- 8th v 9th (game 2) - Here for Fun vs Great Aces - WINNER PLAYS AGAIN NEXTD1 - 3rd v 6th Game 1 - (1st & 2nd have byes) Heights Apparel vs Spiked Eggnog
7:20PMD2- Sandy Cheeks v Winner Game 1
(GAME 3)
D2-Volley Llamas v Winner game 2
(Game 4)
D1 - 4th v 5th - Game 2 Santa Spikers vs Holiday Hitters
8:10PMD2- 3rd v 6th
Spike it Like It's Hot vs Dig This Ace
(Game 5)
D2-- 4th v 5th Big Dig Lovers vs Butt Sets
(Game 6)
11v12th - Consolation game Safe Sets vs Kiss My Ace
9:00PM13th v 14th - Consolation Game Tempe Tantrums vs Spikological Warfate15th v 16 - Consolation Game Getting Setsy vs Unprotected Sets
1.25 - Playoff Week 2 & Free Agent NightCourt 1Court 2Court 3
6:30PMD2 - Semis - Game 3 v Game 5 WinnersD2 - Semis - Game 4 v Game 6 Winners
7:20PMD2 FinalsD1 - 1st v Game 2 WinnerD1 - 2nd v Game 1 Winner
8:10PMFree Agent NightFree Agent NightD1 Finals
9:00PMFree Agent NightFree Agent NightFree Agent Night