Tuesday Night Beach Volleyball Tempe

League Coordinator - Fraser Laveay

Special Announcement

We currently have one Scottsdale Leagues & three Tempe Leagues with over 100 teams registered! See our site to register for those.

We typically have a Division 1 & Division 2. D1 is A-C and D2 is C-Rec/Beginner.


Free Agent night is the first night to kickoff each season where we have all the registered free agents out to meet and create teams with new friends! Of course if you come with a friend or spouse then you will be on the same team.

Our leagues definitely scale on the social side but with our D1 having some great athletes and players where D2 is more for the social teams and newer players.

Click here to join our community on Facebook to find teams, tournament info and be part of the fun!

Tempe League info:

What?  CoEd 4’s – Adults

Where?  Kiwanis Park

When?  Tuesday Nights between 6-10pm

Who? Male and female players.  All skill levels.  Adults 18+

D1 – Open/A/B players

D2 – C-Rec/Beginner players

Info?  The league runs 9 weeks with 8 games guaranteed plus Semis & Finals. 1 game per night.  $65 reg price for the season per player or $225 per team of 4-6.  Prizes for winners. Social party at the end of the season.

How?  Click Sign-up Below to Register

League Rules

-At least one female on the court at all times
-Regular season – Best of 3 sets to 21 points (win by 2 pts)
-Playoff seeding tiebreaker – Head 2 Head 1st – League Manager Rankings 2nd – Rock Paper Scissors 3rd.
-1st two sets to 21, 3rd set to 15 if needed (all win by 2)
-Playoffs – Same as Regular Season.
-Free agent teams: 5 people per team cycling through each serve
Game rules:
-Each person needs to serve in rotation
-You can’t jump to block/spike at serve at the net.
-No running into the net or under
-No scooping the ball
-Rally scoring
-The ball can hit the net and go over for a point or may be returned
-You can lose on serve if you hit it into the net or out of bounds
-If the ball hits any part of the lines it’s a point

D1 Standings

Pass & Hitties70
Sets With A Friend52
Ya Dig!43
Deep in My Pass43
Rubber Ducky Death Squad34
The 1004 Digs25
Calm Yo Tips25
Joy Jumpers07

D2 Standings

TeamWins Losses
Show Us Your Hitties70
Sets Addicts61
Here 4 Fun61
Sandy Cheeks52
Slow Children43
Butt Sets43
All Balls No Glory43
Unprotected Sets34
No Diggity34
Getting Diggy With It34
Ball Slappers25
Just Dig It25
Too Hot To Handle25
Gold Diggers07


Week 1 - 4.26Court 1 (Nearest to Street)Court 2Court 3
6:30PMGold Diggers vs. WSets AddictsWSlow Children vs. Getting Diggy With ItWWILSON! vs. Here 4 Fun
7:20PMToo Hot To Handle vs. WUnprotected SetsWButt Sets vs. All Balls No GloryWSandy Cheeks vs. Spikey
8:10PMWShow Us Your Hitties vs. No DiggityThe 1004 Digs vs. WPass & HittiesWBall Slappers vs. Just Dig It
9:00PMRubber Ducky Death Squad vs. WYa Dig!Deep in My Pass vs. WSets with A FriendWCalm Yo Tips vs. Joy Jumpers
Week 2 - 5.3Court 1 (Nearest to Street)Court 2Court 3
ROCKY POINT MEXICO TOURNEYJUNE 25-26Just 3.5 hours away$130 rooms & $2 drinks all weekend!
6:30PMButt Sets vs. WSandy CheeksWShow Us Your Hitties vs. All Balls No GloryThe 1004 Digs vs. WRubber Ducky Death Squad
7:20PMWBall Slappers vs. SpikeyWJust Dig It vs. No DiggityCalm Yo Tips vs. WYa Dig!
8:10PMGold Diggers vs. WSlow ChildrenDeep in My Pass vs. WPass & HittiesJoy Jumpers vs. WSets with A Friend
9:00PMToo Hot To Handle vs. WSets AddictsWILSON! vs. WGetting Diggy With ItWHere 4 Fun vs. Unprotected Sets
Week 3 - 5.10Court 1 (Nearest to Street)Court 2Court 3
6:30PMWCalm Yo Tips vs. Rubber Ducky Death SquadJoy Jumpers vs. WPass & HittiesWHere 4 Fun vs. Sets Addicts
7:20PMWSets with A Friend vs. Ya Dig!The 1004 Digs vs. WDeep in My PassGold Diggers vs. WToo Hot To Handle
8:10PMWILSON! vs. WSlow ChildrenWUnprotected Sets vs. Getting Diggy With ItButt Sets vs. WShow Us Your Hitties
9:00PMBall Slappers vs. WSandy CheeksJust Dig It vs. WAll Balls No GloryNo Diggity vs. WSpikey
Week 4- 5.17Court 1 (Nearest to Street)Court 2Court 3
6:30PMWWILSON! vs. Gold DiggersWUnprotected Sets vs. Slow ChildrenJoy Jumpers vs. WDeep in My Pass
7:20PMWHere 4 Fun vs. Too Hot To Handle Ball Slappers vs. WButt SetsGetting Diggy With It vs. WSets Addicts
8:10PMJust Dig It vs. WShow Us Your HittiesWNo Diggity vs. Sandy CheeksSpikey vs. WAll Balls No Glory
9:00PMCalm Yo Tips vs. WThe 1004 DigsSets with A Friend vs. WRubber Ducky Death SquadYa Dig! vs. WPass & Hitties
Week 5 - 5.24Court 1Court 2Court 3
ROCKY POINT MEXICO TOURNEY IN ONE MONTHJUNE 25-26Just 3.5 hours away$130 rooms & $2 drinks all weekend!
6:30PMJust Dig It vs. WButt SetsWNo Diggity vs. Ball SlappersSpikey vs. WShow Us Your Hitties
7:20PMAll Balls No Glory vs. WSandy CheeksJoy Jumpers vs. WThe 1004 DigsWSets with A Friend vs. Calm Yo Tips
8:10PMWHere 4 Fun vs. Gold DiggersLYa Dig! vs. LDeep in My Pass
(No one circled)
WPass & Hitties vs. Rubber Ducky Death Squad
9:00PMUnprotected Sets vs. WWILSON!WGetting Diggy With It vs. Too Hot To HandleWSets Addicts vs. Slow Children
Week 6 - 5.31Court 1Court 2Court 3
6:30PMLGold Diggers vs. LUnprotected Sets (No one Circled)WYa Dig! vs. Joy JumpersRubber Ducky Death Squad vs. WDeep in My Pass
7:20PMGetting Diggy With It vs. WHere 4 FunThe 1004 Digs vs. WSets with A FriendWPass & Hitties vs. Calm Yo Tips
8:10PMWSets Addicts vs. WILSON!WSlow Children vs. Too Hot To HandleButt Sets vs. WNo Diggity
9:00PMSpikey vs. WJust Dig ItWAll Balls No Glory vs. Ball SlappersSandy Cheeks vs. WShow Us Your Hitties
Week 7 - 6.7Court 1Court 2Court 3
ROCKY POINT MEXICO LAST CALLJUNE 25-26Just 3.5 hours away$130 rooms & $2 drinks all weekend!
6:30PMSlow Children vs. WHere 4 FunWToo Hot To Handle vs. WILSON!WSandy Cheeks vs. Just Dig It
7:20PMSpikey vs. WButt SetsWGetting Diggy With It vs. Gold DiggersWSets Addicts vs. Unprotected Sets
8:10PMWAll Balls No Glory vs. No DiggityWShow Us Your Hitties vs. Ball SlappersWYa Dig! vs. The 1004 Digs
9:00PMWPass & Hitties vs. Sets with A FriendWRubber Ducky Death Squad vs. Joy JumpersWDeep in My Pass vs. Calm Yo Tips
Week 8 - 6.14 - PLAYOFFS
Court 1Court 2Court 3
D2 - 1st, 2nd, 3rd, 4th Get Byes To Next Week
Welcome to play for fun from 6pm-7:30pm on open courts
6:30PMD2 - 15v16 (consolation game) Spikey vs Gold Diggers
7:20PMD1 - 2 vs. 7 (Game 2)
WSets with a Friend vs Calm yo tips
D1 - 1 vs. 8 (Game 1) WPass & Hitties vs Joy JumpersD1 3 vs. 6 (Game 3) WYa Dig vs The 1004 Digs
8:10PMD1 - 4 vs. 5 (Game 4) WDeep in my Pass vs Rubber Duck y Death SquadD2 - 5v12 (Game 1) WSlow Children vs Ball SlappersD2 - 6v11 (Game 2)Butt Sets vs WGetting Diggy with it
9:00PMD2 - 7v10 (Game 3) WAll Balls No Glory vs No diggitiyD2 - 8v9 (Game 4)Wunprotected sets vs WilsonD2 - 13v14 (consolation game)Just dig it vs Too hot to handle
6.21 - Playoff Week 2 & Free Agent NightCourt 1Court 2Court 3
6:30PMD2 - 1st v Winner Game 4 (Game 5) Show us your Hitties vs unprotected setsD2 - 2nd v Winner Game 3 (Game 6) Sets Addicts vs All Balls no GloryD2 - 3rd v Winner Game 2 (Game 7) Here 4 Fun vs Getting Diggy With it
7:20PMD2 - 4th v Winner Game 1 (Game 8)Sandy Cheeks vs Slow Children D1 - Winner Game 1 v Winner Game 4 Pass & Hitties vs Deep in my PassD1 - Winner Game 2 v Winner Game 3 Sets with a Friend vs Ya Dig
8:10PMD2 Semis - Winner Game 5 v Winner Game 8D2 Semis - Winner Game 6 v Winner Game 7D1 Finals