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Arizona Sports League is Arizona’s largest provider of recreational sports leagues & premier social events in the phoenix metropolitan area.  With thousands of annual participants, AZ Sports League has become the place to meet and compete in various sports and activities all over the valley.  We’ve become the largest because we offer high quality leagues at low cost.  Our focus is not on being the largest, but being the best.   Yet through our commitment to providing excellent leagues and activities we have grown to the largest.

In order for us to excel at hosting the different sports we seek out league coordinators who are passionate about playing the sports that they manage.  We found out early that to adequately run a league the league coordinator has to be involved in that sporting community.  This is how we were formed, from individuals who loved playing the sport and wanted to build a community of other sport playing individuals.

We started as the old Motorola soccer league with seven teams in early 2001.   Now we have Kickball, LaCrosse, Flag Football, Volleyball, Tennis and Soccer leagues on the site.  We’re continuously seeking other league coordinators who have a passion for a sport to help continue our growth.  If you fit the bill, if you love a sport and want to help it grow, then let us know.

The future of the Arizona Sports League will focus on continued growth through a simple formula.  Find dedicated individuals who love organizing activities and that have a passion for a sport.  Then give them the proper support to help them succeed.  We do not ask anything from those that want to run a league except that they’re dedicated to have the sport they own grow.

Phillip Montgomery

League Director

Phillip is a League Director for the Arizona Sports League and league coordinator for several sports including Friday night co-ed soccer and Saturday soccer.  He’s been running leagues since 2001 and helped grow the league from seven soccer teams to what it is today.  He strives to create a friendly environment for folks to enjoy themselves.

Brenda Montgomery

Promotions and Marketing Director

If you are looking to increase you business exposure in a fun and active environment?  Contact Brenda!  She is our Promotions and Marketing Director and the go to person to help you market your company to thousands of sports minded enthusiasts.  Sponsor a team, sponsor the league, whatever you want to support our league and grow your business, she is willing and able to work with you!

Rene Nelson

League Coordinator

Rene has been running our kickball leagues and sloshball tournaments for several years.  She brings a great energetic attitude with her and not hard to miss at the fields, simply look for the loudest person!  :)

Robert Lopez

League Coordinator

Robert is the Flag Football league coordinator and has a deep passion for the sport.  His league focuses not only playing the game of football but creating a community feel.

Matt Godfrey

League Coordinator

Matt is instrumental for the Sports League.  He currently running our Ultimate league as well as officiating other sports.


Bob Dianovsky

Referee Coordinator / League Assistant

Bob has worked with the league for several years and responsible for coordinating the referees in most of our leagues.  If you have an issue with a referee you can politely talk with him about your concerns and he will address them.



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